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Welcome to Griffin Capsuleers [GRIFC]

Thinking about joining us ?
lets consider some possible incentives for joining:

  • If you except us to effortlessly hands over a m[b]illions of isk to our members.
  • If you think you're good enough in the game, and that no one can teach you anything new.
  • If you believe that all you know is for your own knowledge and will not share the knowledge, tactics or experience you have accumulated.
  • If you have a little (or big) pirate in your stomach, or believe that piracy is fun and/or have a low security status
Then trust us, this corporation is not the best place for you!.On the other hand....
  • If you have a hunger for the game
  • If you have a desire to learn
  • If you are willing to share the knowledge, tactics or experience you have accumulated
  • If you enjoy working with together for mutual benefit
  • Would like POS access
  • and much more
Then we don't concern ourselves with race, political views, Skill Points or even how many Amarrian princesses you have kidnapped!

Griffin Capsuleers is primarily an alt corporation filled with alts of various players, although not all members are alt characters, who believe in pooling their resources and working together creating an mutually beneficial environment where the whole is great than the sum of its members!