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GRIFC Policies

These concepts are expressions of who we are and how we choose to interact with one another and with fellow capsuleers. They are not designed to be "fair" or "moral" or "ethical", they are simply the standards of conduct that we adhere to, which we have found to provide a friendly and secure corporation environment.

Any member is free to leave at any time if they find these policies repressive, and we reserve the right to remove members without warning if it is clear that they are not being followed. We value inout from all the corporation members but we are not a democracy.

Code of Conduct

¤» Our members are honest in their dealings both with one another and the community

We do not lie, cheat or deceive. Our word is trustworthy. In times of war, strategic and tactical considerations may require temporary departures from this concept from the perspective of our enemies, but our allies and other members should never be given doubt about our commitment to operate with integrity.

¤» Our members treat all characters both inside and outside the organization with respect

Members are expected to be respectful. There will be no tolerance for personal attacks, smack talk, abuse, disparaging remarks and ridicule, either in-game or out. Property rights of others, both members and the community, are always to be respected in all forms.

¤» Our members keep all public communication channels free of inappropriate content

While we appreciate that losing your ship to the last rat in a mission, falling for a contract scam, or having everything you own destroyed by a pirate in LoSec can be infuriating, members avoid profanity where possible. While occasional mild profanity may be tolerated, it is neither required or expected in common usage. Sexual or other off-color chat is to be avoided at all times, and there is very little tolerance in this regard.

¤» Our members do not exploit or otherwise violate the Eve Online EULA

For all members of Griffin Capsuleers, actions which breach the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for Eve Online as set by CCP, are prohibited. Examples of these are account sharing and purchasing of ISK or in-game items for real money. Any member found to have engaged in any actions forbidden in the EULA will be immediately removed. In the event that a member has mistakenly breached the EULA, they are encouraged to petition CCP themselves via the normal channels to resolve the issue. Similarly, if a member has reason believe another player is violating the EULA, they are encouraged to petition them, and must not take any action in-game.

¤» Our members are free to make their own choices

The corporation does not require members to live in certain star-systems and they may choose their own play times. Members are free to explore any of the skill sets available in New Eden at their own pace, in addition to participating in both scheduled and unscheduled classes and activities, as long as their actions do not conflict these policies. It is important that all members are aware that the restrictions laid out in the policies are based on many years of experience, and allow us to fulfil our mission while providing a suitable environment for new characters.

¤» Our members are encouraged to balance "self" with "service"

In the early part of their Eve career, Griffin Capsuleers members are usually focused on advancing their skills, establishing a viable personal economy and generally learning how things work. As experience and knowledge levels increase, the members who were once new find that they are able to support the next generation of new characters. The majority of our members naturally progress in this activity, and those that choose to stay with Griffin Capsuleers for longer periods often find this role very fulfilling and a primary reason for remaining.

HiSec, LoSec, NPC NullSec, Claimable NullSec and W-space

¤» High Security Space

GRIFC members are permitted in all High Security space (security status of 0.5-1.0) without restriction, however all members must be aware that they are not protected from suicide ganking and similar actions, and should therefore avoid using the autopilot if carrying any moderately valuable cargo or modules.

¤» Low Security Space

GRIFC members are permitted in all LowSec space (security status of 0.1 - 0.4) without restriction, on the understanding that they are open to attack by all parties. Appropriate escorts should be used for any valuable cargoes, and the autopilot must not be used.

¤» NPC (non-claimable) NullSec

Griffin Capsuleers are permitted in the Great Wildlands, Curse, Syndicate and Outer Ring regions, but are aware that they are open to attack by all parties. Appropriate escorts should be used for any valuable cargoes, and the autopilot must not be used. Venal and Stain are not open to members as to reach them you must travel through Claimable Null Security Space. Autopilot in these regions is prohibited.

¤» Claimable NullSec

For reasons of neutrality, Griffin Capsuleers members are not permitted in non-NPC nullsec, unless as part of an Executive Officer or CEO authorized event or project. It is suggested that members use the Autopilot avoidance system to prevent accidentally straying into NullSec.

¤» Wormhole Space

Griffin Capsuleers members are free to enter wormhole space, however this is done so entirely at their own risk. Due to the nature of W-space, members should ensure that they take sufficient resources with them when entering.
All members must avoid exits which lead to Claimable NullSec, only making use of a wormhole leading to these regions in the event that there are absolutely no alternatives, and must immediatly travel to non-claimable nullsec, lowsec, or highsec while avoiding contact with other players..

Rules of Engagement (RoE)

War Target

Griffin Capsuleers members may initiate combat with war targets at will, however they should avoid doing so without sufficient support. Pod-killing of war targets is actively encouraged as a deterrent to the hostile force.


Griffin Capsuleers members may initiate combat with player-pirates who are criminally flagged, for reason including (but not limited to) theft, unprovoked attack or security status below -5.0.
Characters with bounties on their heads may not be engaged unless flagged as criminals.

Enemy : Horrible Standing

Griffin Capsuleers members may initiate combat with these groups in lowsec, nullsec and w-space, including pursuing them into their space and attacking industrial assets (structures and non-combat ships).

Hostile : Bad Standing

Griffin Capsuleers members may initiate combat with these groups in lowsec, nullsec and w-space. You may not pursue into their own territory. Industrial assets (structures and non-combat ships) are not to be engaged. Do not go out of your way to irritate hostile characters, but feel free to engage them.

Neutral : No Standing

Griffin Capsuleers members may only fire upon neutrals when fired upon first except in sovereign GRIFC space and claimed wormhole systems where we operate a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy.
If a neutral fires upon you or your fleet, their corp or alliance should be considered Hostile to Griffin Capsuleers until the end of the operation, and at the first opportunity you must notify a diplomat to pursue diplomatic relations and apply relevant standings to the hostile party.

Non-Agression Pact (NAP) : Good Standing

Griffin Capsuleers members may NOT engage any player who has "NAP" standings unless fired upon first, and then only as self defense (you may not follow nor retaliate).
These groups have agreed to to mutual non-agression with Griffin Capsuleers, and as such any characters violating this should be reported to an Executive Officer or the CEO immediately.

Allies & Friends : Excellent Standing

Members will not engage these Friends unless as a last resort. Any problems should be reported to an Executive Officer, Diplomat or the CEO immediately.
Joint operations and mixed membership fleets are available with these groups, however only against Enemies of Griffin Capsuleers and criminals (-5 or greater security status).

War Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

In the event of a war, a number of restrictions are put in place to both prevent inappropriate losses and ensure the war is prosecuted appropriately:
  • Communicating with war targets is prohibited.
  • Autopilot is prohibited.
Anyone found violating the above will be warned, and should dock immediately. Failure to do so may lead to the destruction of their ship and/or capsule.
Communicating with war targets is grounds for immediate expulsion. Only a diplomat or the CEO may initiate or respond to communication with a war target.

The following items are recommendations, not rules:
  • Faction ships and modules should be avoided during war.
  • Missions, Ratting, Mining, Hauling and Exploration should be run with extreme caution and preferably in a fleet.
  • We recommend using shuttles or travel-fitted ships (microwarpdrive, damage control, warp core stabilizers, and a shield buffer tank) while traveling.
  • Avoid trade hubs and solar systems that are known to have war target activity, or their HQ system.
  • Members are encouraged to to avoid all contact with war targets unless in a fleet hunting war targets.
  • Keep an eye on your local window, expand it vertically to see as many pilots in the list as possible.
  • Avoid mining or missioning in systems with a lot of people in local.
In general the corporation leadership trust that the corporations members will be sensible in their behaviour during war. However, a war with high or unacceptable losses may result in tighter restrictions and greater enforcement of them.

Mixed Membership Fleets

Due to neutrality and our policy of non-aggression (NRDS : Not Red Don’t Shoot), there are a number of restrictions on fleet composition:

¤» PvP Fleets

  • PvP fleets (likely to involve the destruction of other characters’ ships) formed to attack or defend against non-specific targets, for example pirate hunting, may include both Griffin Capsuleers members and characters from corporations or alliances with a mutual Excellent Standing (+7.5 or higher) with Griffin Capsuleers.
  • PvP fleets with plans to hunt and engage War Targets, must be formed with Griffin Capsuleers members only.
    Only Executive Officers or the CEO may authorise the use of mixed fleets with allies to engage war targets. These fleets should have a very specific purpose (eg RR gangs)
  • Characters with Excellent standing in mixed membership PvP fleets should follow the Griffin Capsuleer rules of engagement while fleeted with us. GRIFC members joining fleets lead by a corporation or alliance in Excellent standing must follow the GRIFC rules of engagement in addition to any restrictions under which the friendly fleet is flying.
  • PLEASE NOTE : Mixed PvP fleets with Eve University pilots are not permitted. This is to protect Griffin Capsuleers members with alts in Eve University and to retain our Excellent Standings with Eve University as well as a good diplomatic relationship. Only the CEO may authorize joint PvP operations with Eve University.

¤» Non-PvP Fleets

  • High Security Space: Non-PvP fleets may include any members who are neutral or blue to Griffin Capsuleers. No aggressive action should be taken against criminally flagged players (for example can flippers or ninja looters) while in a mixed fleet.
  • Low Security & Null Security Space: Non-PvP fleets in low security space and non-claimable nullsec should not include neutrals. GRIFC members may fleet with blues in these areas for non-PvP fleets. In the event of PvP with a mixed membership fleet in lowsec or nullsec, GRIFC members should attempt to flee rather than fight.
  • Unknown Space: Non-PvP fleets in wormhole space should not include neutrals. GRIFC members may fleet with blues in these areas for non-PvP fleets. In the event of PvP with a mixed membership fleet in w-space, GRIFC members should attempt to flee rather than fight.
    Wormhole space is considered to be NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It). Theft and destruction of industrial ships, combat ships, structures, and any other assets is allowed if these belong to neutral, bad standing, and horrible standing corporations or alliances. Ransoming is not allowed.
    Wormhole space which is has been claimed by Griffin Capsuleers (colonized with a starbase) is NBSI (not blue, shoot it). Mixed membership fleets are not allowed for PvP in claimed wormhole space. Specific individuals from a corp in good or excellent standing can be given authorization by an Executive Officer to fly in mixed non-PvP fleets in a claimed w-space system. The CEO or an Executive Officer can authorize joint operations with corps in good or excellent standing for the purpose of defending the wormhole and removing any unwanted pilots or structures by force.
We understand that the above is quite complex. If you are in doubt, please avoid any mixed membership fleets until you have gained clarifications from the CEO (Dvorak Telemnar).
Please post a report on all PvP encouters in the AAR (After Action Report) section of the forum


¤» In-Game & Voice Communication

  • Griffin Capsuleers members will not speak to hostile parties via local, private conversations or any other channel, either during Empire wars or in lowsec/nullsec and w-space. Any attempts by hostiles parties to contact a member must be reported to Griffin Capsuleers Diplomat or CEO.
  • During fleet operations there is a strict no-talking-in-local policy. Fleet Commanders may permit the posting of "GF" after a battle
  • During war; Griffin Capsuleers members may not speak in local, with the exception of a "gf" at the discretion of the Fleet Commander.

¤» Official EvE Online Forums (EvEO)

  • Griffin Capsuleers members are not authorised to post on the "Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center" of the Eve Online forums unless given explicit permission by GRIFC Executive Officer or CEO.
  • Griffin Capsuleers members are not authorised to post on any thread on the Eve Online forums which mentions a current or past conflict involving Griffin Capsuleers, unless given explicit permission by GRIFC Executive Officer or CEO.

Looting and Salvaging

  • Wrecks of player ships are considered the property of the owner of the lost ship.
  • Any containers (wrecks and cans) which are unwanted should be abandoned or destroyed at the first opportunity.
  • Griffin Capsuleers members may take loot and salvage items from all abandoned (blue) containers and wrecks.
  • The owners of an in-corp (white) container must be asked before looting or salvaging.
  • Any owners of out-of-corp (yellow) containers must be asked before looting or salvaging. If possible, they should mark the container as abandoned to prevent criminal flagging.
  • Griffin Capsuleers members may loot, salvage or steal from Bad Standing, Horrible Standing, and criminally flagged groups, however you do this at your own risk.
  • All loot and salvage from war targets is considered property of Griffin Capsuleers. The closest character to the wreck has permission to loot and salvage at the Fleet Commanders discretion, and members should not rush to the wreck hoping to get the loot.
    This loot should be passed to a tanked ship to return to HQ at the end of the fleet op where all the spoils are to be deposited directly into the "Griffin Capsuleers Navy" hangar. Fleet Commanders will keep track of this, if you are found to be stealing you will be punished.


Failure to follow the above may result in one or more of the below consequences.
  • An unpleasant talk with an Executive Officer or the CEO
  • Reduction or removal of your roles/titles.
  • Suspension pending investigation.
  • Destruction of your ship and/or pod.
  • Expulsion from Griffin Capsuleers.
Any questions on or clarifications of the above policies should be referred to an Executive Officer or CEO. Decisions of the Executive Officers or CEO are not subject to debate.

Guidelines for Discussions, Feedback and Communication

All members of Griffin Capsuleers actions, feedback and communication whether in chat channels, mailing list or forums are a reflection on the corporation and it members. For this reason it is imperative that members always behave with the highest integrity when engaging in any form of feedback, discussion or communication, this is especially important on public forums such as BattleClinic of the EveOnline forums or private thrid party forums such as Eve University.

¤» Post your suggestions in a useful manner

veryone has good ideas on how to either solve problems or to enhance life in Griffin Capsuleers or New Eden in one way or another. However, in order to allow people to assess your idea or suggestion, you should ideally set out:
  • If there is a specific issue you are trying to address
  • Your idea as clear and concise as possible
  • What you think the idea will achieve and what positives it brings
  • What the potential pitfalls might be and what happens if it fails
  • Avoid inflammatory subjects (for example, religion, politics or any contensious subject)
  • No Trolling!

¤» No idea is completely bad

A badly formed idea can be re-worked into a positive suggestion for some action going forwards with a reasoned discussion, even if the end action approaches the problem in a completely different way. Remember that not eveyone you encounter will have english as their first language.
When responding :
  • ifocus on the whole message
  • be careful not to portray yourself as aggressive or unnecessarily trolling
  • be prepared to accept that almost every idea contains somethings of worth
  • be preapred for meaning to be lost in translation, especially with non-english people
  • hi-light the good and the bad; focus on the good
  • be gracious in defeated

¤» "There is no I in team" - true but "There is no U in team" either

We are all here to make a positive contribution to discussions and to help drive Griffin Capsuleers forwards as a team. You should focus your response on the idea and not on the person making the idea.
For example, focus your feedback along the lines of "this idea will not work because..."
and do not use statements like "you are wrong" or "thatis a stupid idea..." or any such antagonising responses.

¤» If you think it is broke then why not fix it?

We are not here to sit and simply pass judgement on eachothers ideas, we are here to work as a team. Once you have highlighted areas of a suggestion that concern you and areas that you think are workable, spend some time suggestion alterations that meet your own concerns. As for the first point above, make these additional suggestions in a useful manner so it is clear why you are suggesting them and what issues and concerns of yours they tackle.

¤» Accept that your suggestion is not the only way forwards and broker a solution

If you post a suggestion or an idea then be prepared to listen to the suggestions that others are putting forwards. You should not be making endless posts defending your idea. Once you have made an initial suggestion, your role is to facillitate a conclusion that works and you need to accept that this need not be your original suggestion in virgin form. Give the discussion time for a number of people to air their views before revisiting the issue and then suggesting an alternative approach that incorporates the positives from the discussion and address the issues raised. It is also your job to ensure that a decision or conclusion is arrived at in a timely discussion, don’t just drop an idea, sit back and then ignore it.

¤» Respect

Be polite to eachother and respect the fact that we will all have different ideas. If you have an issue with a person’s attitude or perceived attitude, take it outside the discussion of the idea. If the aim of a discussion thread is to arrive at a solution, then it is in everyone’s interest to keep it on track and keep personal baggage out of it.